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The Strategy Session will give you some great tools tips and coaching to help you gain more clarity, have more energy and give you the "kick up the butt" you need to jump into a better, more focused life.

In this epic coaching strategy session, you will work 1:1 with Lauren. She will talk you through each step of the guided training, personalising it to you, helping you to identify and overcome the obstacle in under 60 minutes.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never had coaching in your life or if you have spent millions of pounds on coaching, this session is designed to give you insights that most people don't have the time to teach you. This is 1 hour of "Me Time", will be spent focusing on you, imagine what you could achieve in this one to one.

Everything we go through in the Strategy Session, has been used by our students to gain more confidence, feel more for filled and most importantly get clarity on what they want their LIFE to look like. 

No fluff, no theory - only actionable steps that guide you to find out what is in your way and how to smash through it!

When you book the LSJ Strategy Session, you’ll receive:

LSJ Strategy Session outline
  • 1:1 Guided Coaching Session: Think about what you really want and learn how to prioritise yourself during a guided 1:1 coaching session with Lauren Selby.

  • Customised Strategy Call Notes: These are there to hold you accountable and make sure that you are staying focused and making progress long after the call.

  • Tangible Techniques: We want you to take away the high performance habits, tools and techniques discuss, so that you can implement them in your life right away and start seeing the amazing results. Open your mind and start LIVING your life the way you want to!

  • TOTAL VALUE: £297

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    No, I don't want this massive discount. I'll learn to better my life on my own.

    What people are saying about the LSJ Strategy Session

    From the very start she made me feel so relaxed, like we were just having a normal conversation! It really felt like she was listening to everything I was saying, and seemed to have advice or a tip for every possible problem!

    I now feel as though I know strategies to help myself daily, and have mantras to tell myself when I need a boost of confidence to do something out of my comfort zone.

    Lauren really helped me improve my confidence and encouraging me to ‘just do it’ more!It felt like she genuinely wants to help me be the best I can be, and does it in a way that works me!

    The best part about the coaching was the high performance strategies she gave me that I can do myself whenever I need to.

    Before coaching, the problems that I had were feeling unmotivated, getting distracted very easily, lack of confidence in some aspects such as speaking out.

    Georgia Vigers


    I really liked her approach to helping working parents. This is an area of great importance and I really think parents need support in their lives and businesses.

    I had noticed that the pandemic had left me no time for self care. I needed to find some more balance in my life again after working for 8 months without a day off to keep my business afloat over the lockdowns, launch a new course and start a new property business.

    Lauren helped me to see where I could make some positive changes to include time for myself and not just focus on work and she made me feel a lot more balanced.

    The best part of the coaching was putting myself first and making me plan out a more balanced day.

    Before the coaching call, I was working 7 days a week either in my business or property business. I was (am) exhausted but I found it hard to 'relax' if there was work to do!

    Sonja Leason

    Lovemondays, CEO

    I was struggling with certain areas of my life that Lauren's unique platform offered me a way of addressing these issues and in turn highlighted other areas I hadn't realised were a problem!

    So not only did she provide a much needed ear but gave me the written report holding a mirror up to myself and giving me the practical applications to address and deal with my problems!

    I feel I have the strength and tools to face whatever comes.


    Kathy Roberts

    Business Owner

    I chose to try the High Performance Coaching with Lauren because I wanted a new way of looking at life and to feel more confident in myself.

    The call with Lauren was so easy and straightforward. She was very friendly and confident in what she does. She really helped me, especially with stress relief.

    I would 100% recommend Lauren to everyone, there are so many ways in which she can help people.

    But the best part is, she loves what she does, so you really do get the best from it ❤️

    Hollie Pleasence

    Mum of 2

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