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Life Coaching by Lauren Selby Jones
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We know we can help you because we have helped so many others, but see for yourself.

Find out what of a few of our clients have to say;

What people say

Éva Szekeres

“I have had the great privilege of working with an incredible coach, mentor and human being, Lauren Selby. She is very helpful, knowledgeable and inspiring. In our strategy session she helped me to recognize why I am stuck and gave me tools, practice and suggestions on how to get over it. I am so grateful to be able to recognize what drives me deep inside and how I can be my best version of self.

Thank you so much Lauren.”

Chelsea Newell

Dnce Affinity

"I loved looking at all the different strategies on how to cope - from setting up positive daily reminders and also learning different breathing techniques that can be used when I find myself in a stressful situation. 

I would definitely recommend Lauren’s coaching to anybody who is looking to become more successful and needs that extra push to get where they want to be!"

Sonja Leason

Love Mondays 

“I really liked her approach to helping working parents. This is an area of great importance and I really think parents need support in their lives and businesses. 

Lauren helped me to see where I could make some positive changes to include time for myself and not just focus on work. Lauren made me feel a lot more balanced."

Libby Burns

Care Worker

"I find myself using the High Performance Hacks daily, allowing me to address situations and tasks with a clear mind.

Removing the barriers of stress and anxiety means I am slowly learning to be kinder to myself.

Working with Lauren has allowed me to see that dreams I have can become a reality. 

Luke Willis


"Working with Lauren will really help to keep me stay motivated, and assist me in order to keep on track in order to achieve my goals; both from a working perspective and a personal standpoint. Before working with Lauren, I found it frustrating trying to finds the energy to motivate myself and give myself confidence. Lauren has helped me, her genuine genuine belief and positivity is remarkable."

Georgia Viggers

“From the very start Lauren made me feel so relaxed, it really felt like she was listening to everything I was saying, and seemed to have advice or a tip for every possible problem! I now feel as though I know strategies to help myself daily, and have mantras to tell myself when I need a boost of confidence to do something out of my comfort zone. It felt like she genuinely wanted to help me be the best I can be.”

Marni Garcia

Black Sheep Services

“Lauren gets me on so many levels. Her understanding of being an entrepreneur and a Mom, is something unique. It was so powerful having her just asking the question to get me thinking. Her follow up notes made the answers that I gave so much more powerful as I read them back and realized that I really didn’t like my answers. I needed to make some major changes at home to get the life wants that I had.  


Its Not Just Mums that Feel Guilty

Yes, we understand!
Dads have a heavy weight on their shoulders too.

Wanting to provide for your family, working hard in the world as an Entrepreneur, juggling house duties?

You feel like you have to sacrifice so much too!

Being a present parent, showing up in your business, and keeping the relationship spark still burning is draining and can lead to overwhelm and procrastination. 

Wish you could find some more clarity or become more productive?

Don't worry, we hear you!

We appreciate your hard work but don't want you to go at it alone. We offer wholehearted support, you just have to be yourself.

Feeling Sceptical? 

At First Aquilla was sceptical about what life coaching could do for her or even if she would have enough time to find out more.

After signing up for the Mini Mindset Course and creating some time to learn more, Aquilla talked openly on an hour long call explaining how amazing and connected she felt doing the course and even did it again a second time that day!

Aquilla used words like "Lauren Really Gets Me", "I thought that feelings of overwhelm and mum guilt just came with the territory of being a mumprepreneur", "It's designed for parents", "the tools are easy to use and easy to implement".

You can find out more by checking out the course for yourself.


Meet Lauren...

This photo speaks to the natural order of things. Here I am, taking a Moment of Calm amongst the chaos of life. Kids playing, birds singing, laptop open ready for the next call with another amazing person!

I like to capture things in the very moment - a moment that when passed can never be captured again. This is the reason why I love helping you to capture your thoughts, think about your environment and how you connect with yourself.

Find your "Me Time" wherever you can. Whether it's connecting with animals, people, trees or sipping tea alone, the very kinetic energy of life and movement can make us feel alive once again.

You may never get the chance to see this moment ever again in life... so capture it while you still can, then really think about what you want out of life.

What do you want your next photograph to be of?

Imagine it, Manifest it, GO LIVE IT!


"... I have had the great privilege of working with an incredible coach, mentor and human being, Lauren Selby."

Eva Szekeres

Let's Work Together...

If you're reaching out because you have not had a life coach before or need some more support or direction, please feel free to send me an email.

I respect your privacy. Your information is 100% safe with me.

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