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Life Coaching by Lauren Selby Jones
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Together we will investigate where you are now and where you are destined to be.

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  • What Are Others Saying:

    Trina K.T.

    It's so nice to find someone that really 'gets it'. Following that session, I had my most productive 48 hours in a LONG time, really kicked me out of a slump. Still work to do, but a very positive start.

    Andy V.

    Lauren helped me to recognize why I am stuck and gave me tools, practice and suggestions on how to get over it. I am so grateful to be able to recognize what drives me deep inside and how I can be my best version of self

    Eva S.

    Its Not Just Mums that Feel Guilty

    Yes, we understand!
    Dads have a heavy weight on their shoulders too.

    Wanting to provide for your family, working hard in the world as an Entrepreneur, juggling house duties?

    You feel like you have to sacrifice so much too!

    Being a present parent, showing up in your business, and keeping the relationship spark still burning is draining and can lead to overwhelm and procrastination. 

    Wish you could find some more clarity or become more productive?

    Don't worry, we hear you!

    We appreciate your hard work but don't want you to go at it alone. We offer wholehearted support, you just have to be yourself.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What will be covered in the Free Coaching Session?

    We will discuss you main challenges / problems that you are faced with right now. Then we give you 3 tips to start using immediately to over come the problem.

    Do you offer personal coaching programs?

    HELL YES! 

    Be sure to ask about this at the end of our coaching session.

    Also, check out the Packages Page!

    Is this suitable for a me?

    This call is suitable for anyone who has a challenge or problem that they are facing right now.

    Do you want to work on being the best version of you?

    Do you want to be a more present parent? 

    Do you want to make an impact in your business?

    Are you ready to move forward?

    How fast can I see the results?

    Right Away! 

    If you use the tools and habits daily, you will not only become more successful, you will feel more for filled.

    This is your time, feel more amazing now!

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