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Life Coaching by Lauren Selby Jones
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We know we can help you because we have helped so many others, but see for yourself.

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Feeling Sceptical? 

At First Aquilla was sceptical about what life coaching could do for her or even if she would have enough time to find out more.

After signing up for the Me Time Mentality - Mini Mindset Course and creating some time to learn more, Aquilla talked openly on an hour long call explaining how amazing and connected she felt doing the course and even did it again a second time that day!

Aquilla used words like "Lauren Really Gets Me", "I thought that feelings of overwhelm and mum guilt just came with the territory of being a mumprepreneur", "It's designed for parents", "the tools are easy to use and easy to implement".

You can find out more by checking out the course for yourself.


Meet Lauren...

Lauren was literally drowning in self doubt and fear amongst other things. She sat in tears most days, having lost her mum, her identity, her drive and ambition. After feeling so low and wondering what the point of life was, her relationship was breaking down and she felt like a milk machine with no purpose other than to stop her babies from crying.

"I lost myself and I have pretty much given up on life. Have you ever felt like this?"

Lauren spent the next few dark and miserable years pleading for their to be more to life, she didn’t want to let her family down but she had given up and wanted someone to fix her life for for her.

"I tried counselling and therapy and CBT and many other things like antidepressants and drinking. I was trying to survive but then I found a way to thrive!"

Lauren looked into life coaching but it opened her eyes to so much more. This is where she discovered the practical science to unlocking her purpose and gained results in every aspect of her life!

This science is called the #metimementality

"... I have had the great privilege of working with an incredible coach, mentor and human being, Lauren Selby Jones."

Eva Szekeres

Let's Work Together...

If you're reaching out because you have not had a life coach before or need some more support or direction, please feel free to send me an email.

I respect your privacy. Your information is 100% safe with me.

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