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Life Coaching by Lauren Selby Jones
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Most Mums Feel they are at the Bottom of the Pile.

Do you want a Happier, Healthier, more free Life?

The Me Time Mentality - a transformative mindset that will propel you towards your dreams!

Imagine a life where you have the clarity, confidence, consistency, connection, and the ability to embrace change.

This is the essence of the Me Time Mentality, a powerful methodology that empowers you to unlock your true potential. By adopting this mindset, you'll unleash a world of possibilities in the 5 key areas: Health, Wealth, Relationships, Recreation, and Personal Development.

Are you ready to adopt the Me Time Mentality? 

“I have worked with Lauren and Jamie for over a year now and they are truly Amazing! I have leveled up my business, brought a freaking RV because of the mindset shift, and now I am going on EPIC Adventures with my family and only working a few hours per week whilst traveling and making memories.”

Marni Garcia, California, USA

Meet Marni...

Before we dive deeper into this incredible opportunity, let me share a story that exemplifies the power of the Me Time Mentality.

Meet Marni, who, after completing the Ultimate Life evaluation, discovered her visual score in each key area of her life. She realised that she had been neglecting herself in the pursuit of taking care of others. With a determination to create a life of balance and fulfilment, she embraced the Me Time Mentality.

Marni began by focusing on Communication—expressing her needs and desires, and gaining clarity on what she truly wanted. This newfound understanding gave her the Courage to step out of her comfort zone, leading to a surge in confidence. With Commitment, she cultivated consistent habits that aligned with her goals, transforming her daily routines.

But it didn't stop there. Marni recognised the power of Compassion, both for herself and others. By nurturing connections and fostering meaningful relationships, she created a support system that lifted her up.

And finally, she welcomed the Challenge to Change, embracing growth opportunities and embracing the unknown with open arms.


Do you feel?

  • Lost

  • Pulled Between Work & Family

  • Exhausted 

  • Like You Are Not Enough

  • Do you have?

  • Endless Tasks

  • Overwhelm

  • No Energy Left

  • Zero Time For Yourself

  • Do you Want To:

  • Feel In Control

  • Feel Balanced

  • Have Loads of Energy

  • Have More Time to Yourself

  • Are You Ready To:

  • Let Go of the Fear

  • Reduce the Mum Guilt

  • Embrace the Me Time Mentality

  • Live Your Life the Way That You Want To

  • We guarantee you will find yourself with...

    Wholehearted Supported

    We are here for you!

    We don't just want to be "another coach". We want you to feel our wholehearted support throughout the journey of your dreams.

    More Me Time

    It's not just kids, we all need oxytocin to grow. Getting more headspace allows you to "breathe" and free up more of your time to do the things you love. We don't just mean going to the bathroom alone!

    Less Mum Guilt

    We will help you learn to prioritise yourself. You will learn how to fill up your own emotional cup first, so that you can give the best version of yourself to others without feeling guilty.

    It's Time to Stop Surviving, Let's Take this Journey Together.
    Discover How the Me Time Mentality will help you live a Happier, Healthier Life.

    I want this!

    Start feeling more supported right now!

    More Support 

    ✓ More Me Time

    ✓ Less Mum Guilt

    Best Programs to Help Reduce Mum Guilt

    Life Coaching is designed to help you achieve high performance in all areas of your life. Health, Wealth and Relationships.

    A Life Coach will help you identify your Problems and Challenges, in order to break through any limiting beliefs and attain more Fulfilment in Life.

    The LSJ programs were created for Busy Parents that are tired of being at the Bottom of the Pile and Want to Start Living your Life the way YOU Want to!

    Disclaimer: Although a life coach can help you with a lot of overlap, a life coach is NOT a medical professional.

    If you are experiencing symptoms of a mental health problem (such as low mood and depression, difficulty concentrating or sleeping or feelings of hopelessness), contact a mental health professional as soon as possible. Please click HERE for mental health support.

    Its Not Just Mums that Feel Guilty

    Yes, we understand!
    Dads have a heavy weight on their shoulders too.

    Wanting to provide for your family, working hard in the world as an Entrepreneur, juggling house duties?

    You feel like you have to sacrifice so much too!

    Being a present parent, showing up in your business, and keeping the relationship spark still burning is draining and can lead to overwhelm and procrastination. 

    Wish you could find some more clarity or become more productive?

    Don't worry, we hear you!

    We appreciate your hard work but don't want you to go at it alone. We offer wholehearted support, you just have to be yourself.



    “Thank you for teaching me the practical applications to address and deal with my problems! ”



    "You really helped me, especially with stress relief. I would 100% recommend you to everyone!"



    "I chose Coaching with Lauren as I really liked her approach to helping working parents."



    "It really felt like she was listening to everything I was saying, and seemed to have advice or a tip for every possible problem!"



    Let's Work Together...

    If you're reaching out because you have not had a life coach before or need some more support or direction, please feel free to send me an email.

    I respect your privacy. Your information is 100% safe with me.

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