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Life Coaching by Lauren Selby Jones
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Do you want a happier, healthier, more free life?

The Me Time Mentality - a transformative mindset that will propel you towards your dreams!Imagine a life where you have the clarity, confidence, consistency, connection, and the ability to embrace change.

Are you ready to adopt the Me Time Mentality? 

More Support 

✓ More Me Time

✓ Less Guilt

Discover the Me Time Mentality - Starter Pack £7

Learn how to see the best in yourself with this amazing starter pack full of value packed Including;

Life Evaluations, Self Assessments, High Performance Habits, Goal Setting activities, Bullet Journals, Challenges and much, much more!


Adopt the Me Time Mentality - Mini Mindset Course £27

Thinking of taking the next steps to live your ultimate life?

This course will help you think about what you want and learn practical tools and techniques to start seeing results.


It's My Life - Online Coaching Program £997

Mastering self care and embracing the Me Time Mentality to The Ultimate Life. This exceptional coaching program includes an amazing 12 months access to the membership area with additional bonuses and a complimentary coaching session, 1:1 with Lauren Selby Jones.


Me Time Mommas - Group Coaching Program £1,440

Interactive Group coaching sessions designed for busy mums who are looking to rediscover their identity, adopt the Me Time Mentality and reach higher performance in all aspects of their lives so that they can shop up better for their family and live a happier, healthier life.


Elite Performers Program - The Ultimate Life Coaching £2,997

Master The Me Time Mentality with The Ultimate Life Coaching Program. Consisting of personalised 1:1 coaching sessions, life changing high performance habits, tangible tools and techniques transforming your life. This product comes with 12 months access to the membership area plus additional bonuses. 


Best Programs to Help Reduce Mum Guilt

Choose From The Options Below And Change Your Life Today

      Me Time Mommas

    • Create More Confidence with 12 Guided Group Coaching Sessions

    • See Results Right Away using Tangible Tools + Techniques 

    • Keep It Together with Workbooks, Journals + Planners

    • Wholehearted Support via Group Coaching Messaging

    • Belong to a community of like minded Mommas 



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    Elite Performers

  • Create More Me Time with 12 x 1:1 Guided Coaching Sessions

  • See Results Right Away using Tangible Tools + Techniques

  • Keep It Together with Personalised Workbooks, Journals + Planners

  • Wholehearted Support + Accountability via Personal Coach Messaging

  • Stay Focused with Customised Coaching Notes

  • Speed Up / Go Deeper with a Personalised Mindset Check to Level Up

  • Unlimited Access To All Courses + Content (12 Month Membership)



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Who is Lauren?

I spent quite a few dark and miserable years pleading for there to be more to life, I wanted someone to fix my life for for me.

I tried counselling and therapy and CBT and many other things like antidepressants and drinking. I lost myself and I had pretty much given up on life.

Have you ever felt like this?

I was trying to survive but then I found a way to thrive!

I realised no one was going to fix my life for me and I had to do it myself, this is when I discovered the practical science to unlocking my purpose and gained results in every aspect of my life!

This science is called the #metimementality

I am Lauren Selby Jones and I train deflated mums on the unique process of unlocking the ultimate life with more ‘me time’ and energy for their family, business and life, without having to get a divorce, ignore their kids, drink continuously or hide in a bathroom. I do this through a guaranteed, tangible system known as the Me Time Mentality to find the Ultimate Life.

Start feeling more supported right now!

We guarantee you will find yourself with...

Wholehearted Supported

We are here for you!

We don't just want to be "another coach". We want you to feel our wholehearted support throughout the journey of your dreams.

More Me Time

It's not just kids, we all need oxytocin to grow. Getting more headspace allows you to "breathe" and free up more of your time to do the things you love. We don't just mean going to the bathroom alone!

Less Mum Guilt

We will help you learn to prioritise yourself. You will learn how to fill up your own emotional cup first, so that you can give the best version of yourself to others without feeling guilty.

It's Time to Stop Surviving, Let's Take this Journey Together.
Discover How the Me Time Mentality will help you live a Happier, Healthier Life.

I want this!

Feeling Sceptical? 

At First Aquilla was sceptical about what life coaching could do for her or even if she would have enough time to find out more.

After signing up for the Me Time Mentality - Mini Mindset Course and creating some time to learn more, Aquilla talked openly on an hour long call explaining how amazing and connected she felt doing the course and even did it again a second time that day!

Aquilla used words like "Lauren Really Gets Me", "I thought that feelings of overwhelm and mum guilt just came with the territory of being a mumprepreneur", "It's designed for parents", "the tools are easy to use and easy to implement".

You can find out more by checking out the course for yourself.


Let's Work Together...

If you're reaching out because you have not had a life coach before or need some more support or direction, please feel free to send me an email.

I respect your privacy. Your information is 100% safe with me.

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